Construction Safety Double Lanyard 6ft. Shock Absorber,Rebar Hooks, Double Leg


Defender by Palmer Safety

Shock Absorbing Lanyards

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Title :

Palmer Safety Construction

6 ft. Double leg Shock-Sorb™ lanyard, 2¼” hook. Yellow webbing , blue color shock absorber. Meets or exceeds ANSI Z359.13-2013.

Key Features


  • Double, Y shaped lanyard incorporated with energy absorber.
  • One end of the energy absorber equipped with steel snap hook (PN-124) while the other sides of the lanyard are equipped with Steel scaffold hooks (PN-131).


Material: Polyester
Width: 0.98 in. ± 0.04 in.
Breaking Strength: 30 kN (Min)


Material: High-tenacity polyamide | Color: Black


Material: Medium Carbon Steel (Hardness 35 to 42 HRC) Plating: Zinc Plated | Finish: Shot blasted Tensile Strength (PN-124): MIN 22.2 kN | Tensile Strength (PN-131): MIN 22.2 kN Gate Face Testing (PN-124): MIN 1.0 kN | Gate Face Testing (PN-131): MIN 1.0 kN Side Load Testing (PN-124): MIN 1.6 kN | Side Load Testing (PN-131): MIN 1.6 kN


Static Strength: 22.2 kN for 2 minutes Dynamic Strength: Maximum breaking force does not exceed 8 kN and lanyard elongation does not exceed 42 inches from a 6 foot free fall.


3.85 lbs. ± 0.02 lbs.

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