Defender Safety announces production of ASTM tested surgical masks

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May 23 , 2020

Defender Safety announces production of ASTM tested surgical masks

On May 15, in continued coordination with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Defender Safety Inc. is announcing that we will be producing medical grade surgical masks that abide by ASTM standards.  Since the onset of the Covid pandemic, we have been working closely with large healthcare providers in our region to make sure they are stocked with high quality products.  Now that the supply chain for these masks has stabilized, our next goal is to provide access to these high quality masks to the general public.

We have seen the market flooded with product that is not labeled correctly and masks in packaging that does not throughly match the product being advertised. Whether the label or packaging says “non-medical” or has vague protections terms, many of the masks on the market are untested and do not meet ASTM standards.

As a result, Defender Safety is working with Intertek, a leader in product testing, to test our masks and review our packaging to ensure sure they meet ASTM standards. We have also added a quality-controlled seal to all of our boxes to help aid in the fight against fraudulent products. If you receive a Defender Safety mask box without a seal, please do not use the product as there is no way to verify its authenticity.

We are proud to announce that launching ASTM 1,2,&3 masks with Ear Loops. As of today, we are listing the Level 1 ASTM Masks on our website for sale to the public to ensure everyone can have access to a quality product they can trust.

Level 1 Mask can be purchase here- Defender Level 1 Masks


All masks will ship for free, regardless of the size of the order. 


Defender Safety, Inc. is in compliance with all requirements outlined in FDA’s Enforcement Policy for Face Masks and Respirators During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (Revised), issued in April 2020.


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Jan 16 , 2020

Defender Safety is now a proud STAFDA associate!

Defender Safety is now a proud STAFDA associate! It's official!

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